13 ottobre 2019


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How to pay the fee

PayPal or Credit Card payment.

The credit card online payment system uses PayPal.

Once you have clicked on REGISTER and completed the registration form, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment system. After successful completion of the payment, you will be able to download the authorization form and will receive a confirmation email (please always check the SPAM folder too).



ARI member

The ARI cyclist, once logged in, is recognized by the server, which checks the medical certificate's expiration date through DataHealth (in case the certificate expires before the Brevet date, it needs to be updated) and allows for an immediate registration by directly opening the payment form for the reduced fare.

Non-ARI member

ARI and its associate Organizers use the "DataHealth" service for the acquisition, verification and storage of health certificates.

Before opening the registration form, the system will request your Last Name in order to verify whether you are registered and have uploaded a valid medical certificate on DataHealth. Two situations are therefore possible:

- The system finds a valid medical certificate on DH > you are already certified as you have registered for another Brevet in the past. Therefore, you are allowed to proceed – the registration form will open automatically.

- The system does NOT find a valid medical certificate  > you are NOT certified on DataHealth and cannot register online to this or any other Brevet. 
In order to register ONLINE to this or any other ARI brevets you have to register on DataHealth by uploading your valid medical certificate at a service cost of 2.80€

Only if the Organizer allows for it, cyclists can register for the Brevet and provide their medical certificate on the spot.. 

Once your medical certificate is uploaded and verified by DataHealth (within 24 hrs), you can proceed to the registration: through your last name the system automatically verifies your medical certificate and redirects you to the registration form..


- Valid medical certificates for Randonnée Brevets (70+ km, gradient > 1%, ascent > 6%): competitive medical certificate for cycling OR high-impact activity medical certificate.

- Once on DataHealth, the certificate is valid for all ARI Brevets.

DataHealth verifies your certificate within 24hrs (max 48hrs), during which your profile will be labelled as "ATTESA DI VALIDAZIONE" (requires validation).

- Once registered on DataHealth you will receive, together with a confirmation email, a QRcode including all your data and the DataHealth receipt (see here). Therefore, any Organizer will be able to check your registration on DataHealth through their smartphone.

NON-REGISTERED CYCLISTS ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER with request for daily insurance contribution of € 5.00
The online registration requires the medical certificate to be uploaded and validated on DataHealth (see here)

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Indirizzo E-Mail: